Please read below for answers to commonly asked questions. If you still don't get the answer you need after reading the FAQ, please use the contact form to reach us.

What's covered in the ticket cost? And what if I don't drink? Or have specific dietary restrictions? Can I receive a discount if I'm not eating or drinking?

For tickets purchased in NYC or LA, your ticket includes light bites and unlimited drinks. We offer both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverage options. Our food selections feature plenty of vegan and gluten-free options. However, we don't offer discounts based on whether you partake in the food or drinks.

If you're attending our event in DC, the ticket cost is lower to acknowledge that food isn't provided in the venue, and there's only a cash bar available through our agreement with the hotel partner.

Are there points of consent in the format? How do you navigate consent?


Prior to each touchpoint, there's an opportunity for partners to check in and seek consent. Our facilitator will lead this process, and modifications can always be made if you are a “no."

What's the typical age range for the event?

While we don't formally collect age data, we estimate that the median age typically falls in the mid-30s range. However, we've welcomed participants as young as their early 20s and as mature as their late 60s, emphasizing inclusivity as a core value. If you're concerned about being too old or too young, we encourage you to view The Feels less as a quest to find "the one," and instead, “I’m going to experience new tools for better relating”.

I’m worried about the imbalance of women to men.

Our commitment is to maintain a perfect 50/50 balance at all our events. If you notice us seeking more male participants, it's simply because they tend to take a bit longer to join the fray. But worry not, when the time comes, the equilibrium will be spot on.

I don’t want to be photographed.

We completely respect your privacy and understand if you prefer not to be photographed at our events. When you check in, simply let us know, and we'll provide you with a sticker to indicate your preference. Please know that it's entirely optional to be documented, and we always prioritize obtaining consent before taking any photographs. Your comfort and privacy are a priority to us.

Do you accept refunds if I can’t make it due to illness or emergency?

Your health and well-being are our utmost concern. If you find yourself unable to attend our event due to illness or emergency, we completely understand and respect your decision.

While we empathize with your situation, as a small business, we face limitations in accommodating refund requests for emergencies and illnesses. However, we do offer the option to transfer your ticket to a friend. If you're able to find someone to take your place, we'd be more than happy to update the ticket holder's name accordingly.

If I can’t make it, can you provide a credit to a future event?

We handle these requests on an individual basis, taking into account the projected demand for future events compared to the one you're seeking credit for. Generally, for our hetero leaning NYC, LA, and DC events, which tend to sell out consistently, we don't offer credits. However, for our Queer + ENM events, as we continue to nurture and expand these communities, we're more open to providing credits.

Who are the facilitators + how qualified are they?

The Feels facilitators have advanced (masters or higher) degrees in psychology, therapy, and or somatics. Our facilitators come with a background in trauma, mindfulness, facilitation and bodily intelligence.

Can I exit the event if I feel uncomfortable at any time?

Absolutely, we raise you up for listening to your needs and encourage you to check in with yourself. If you're not feeling ready or comfortable, please feel free to step away.

What's the difference between the 'late' and 'early' tiers?

Our ticket sales operate on a tiered system. 'Early' refers to grabbing your ticket early on, and these are offered at a slightly discounted rate. Conversely, 'late' indicates that there are only 10 tickets remaining and they're priced slightly higher. It's important to note that these designations don't affect the entry time for the event. All events start at the time listed on the event page.

Why do women's tickets sometimes cost more than men's at certain events?

Across all our events, and particularly challenging in DC due to demographics, we've observed that it's much easier to attract women. Women's tickets often sell out weeks in advance, whereas selling men's tickets proves to be more difficult. Our marketing expenses reflect this reality, with a significantly higher investment required to sell male tickets compared to female tickets, at a ratio of $10 to $1.

To ensure a balanced ratio and cover our expenses effectively, we've implemented separate pricing. This approach also helps maintain a more equitable gender distribution at our events, ensuring that when women walk into the room, they're not met with a space that's 80% women, but instead, very close to a 50/50 split.

I might arrive late to the event, is that okay?

We ask that you be in the room no later than 7:10, as that's when the format officially begins. From 6:30 to 7:10, there's free time for grabbing drinks, food, and mingling with fellow participants.

Who are the Queer events for?

They are for anyone that identifies as queer and in search of queer connection. The format is tailored so that you will be able to match with someone you are interested in connecting with based on your preferences.

What should I do if I have a missed connection?

We highly recommend exchanging contact information with someone at the event, as this is the greatest opportunity to stay in touch afterward. If you know the individual's name, you can email us at feels@equanimityequation.com, and we'll reach out to your missed connection to inquire if they're willing to share their information. Keep in mind that there may be others with the same name at our events, making it challenging to locate your specific connection, which is why exchanging contact details in person is ideal.

Are you currently seeking facilitators?

If we have any open positions, you'll find them listed via a link on our Instagram page. To stay updated on any job opportunities, we recommend subscribing to our newsletter and following us on Instagram.

Please note that due to the large number of requests, we exclusively accept facilitators through an interview process.